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    Types of Tulsi / Holy Basil and its Medicinal usage & Health advantages


    Hindi Name -  Tulsi.

    English Name -  Holy Basil.

    Sanskrit Name - Surasa.

    Botanical Family - Lamiaceae (mint).

    Botanical Name - 

    Ocimum basilicum / Ocimum sanctum / Ocimum tenuiflorum.

    Basil is a typical sweet smelling and culinary herb in the mint family and  native to Asian tropical regions including India.The term "basil" gets  from the Greek word "basileus," which implies king (king of herbs / royal herb) and also recognized as  Saint Joseph's Wort in keeping term, Tulsi in Hindi and Surasa in Sanskrit as well. 

    Basil is utilized as a part of  Ayurvedic arrangements for more than 5,000 years to take care of  common cold, cough, and  influenza including other diseases.

    Basil is an excellent way to obtain  vitamins like vit.A, vit. B (Niacin, Riboflavin, Vitamin B6 ), Vit.C, Vitamin E ,Vitamin K and Copper, Calcium, Magnesium, Potassium, Protein, Phosphorus, Sodium, Cholin, Iron, Chlorophyll, Manganese, Carotene ß, Crypto-xanthin ß, Lutein-zeaxanthin etc. and conveys bitter, pungent, and astringent tastes. 

    It really is a rugged bushy shrub that develops to around 18 inches high. Its leaves are oval and serrated, with hues extending from light green to dim or dark purple, contingent upon the variety. 

    Holy basil is a sacred herb in the Hindu religion and its all parts like stem, roots, leaves and seeds utilized for therapeutic reasons and also, 34 different kinds of basil are discovered out.

    Types of Tulsi or Basil 

    1.Anise basil / Licorice basil  -  Ocimum basilicum Licorice.

    2.Cinnamon basil - Ocimum basilicum Cinnamon.

    3.Dark opal basil - Ocimum basilicum Dark Opal.

    4.Lettuce leaf basil - Ocimum basilicum Crispum.

    5.Purple basil - Ocimum basilicum Purpurescens.

    6.Rubin basil - Ocimum basilicum Rubin.

    7.Minette Basil  - Ocimum basilicum Minette.

    8.Globe basil/ dwarf basil /French basil - Ocimum basilicum Minimum.

    9.Thai basil - Ocimum basilicum thyrsifolium.

    10.African blue basil - Ocimum basilicum / O. kilimandscharicum.

    11.Spice basil - Ocimum americanum.

    12.Genovese  Basil  Ocimum basilicum Genovese.

    13.Fino Verde Basil - Ocimum basilicum Fino Verde.

    14.Lemon basil - Ocimum  africanum

    15.Pistou Basil - Ocimum basilicum Pistou.

    16.Bush Basil -  Ocimum minimum.

    17.Camphor basil - Ocimum kilimandscharicum.

    18.Mrs. Burns Lemon Basil - Ocimum basilicum 'Mrs. Burns.

    19.Siam Queen Basil - Ocimum basilicum 'Siam Queen.

    20.Napoletano Basil Ocimum basilicum 'Napolitano.

    21.Clove basil - Ocimum gratissimum.

    22.Superbo Basil - Ocimum basilicum Superbo.

    23.Sweet Dani Basil - Ocimum basilicum Sweet Dani.

    24.Holy basil - Ocimum sanctum.

    25.Amethyst Improved Basil  - Ocimum basilicum Amethyst Improved.

    26. Spicy Globe Basil -  Ocimum basilicum Spicy Globe.

    27.Nufar basil - Ocimum basilicum Nufar.

    28.Magical Michael Basil - Ocimum basilicum Magical Michael.

    29.Serata Basil - ocimum basilicum 'serata'.

    30.Blue Spice Basil - Basil Ocimum basilicum Blue Spice.

    31.Purple Ruffles Basil -Ocimum basilicum Purple Ruffles.

    32.Marseille Basil  - Ocimum basilicum 'Marseille.

    33.Osmin Purple Basil  - Ocimum basilicum 'Osmin.

    34.Spicy Globe Basil - Ocimum basilicum Spicy Globe.

    Health Advantages of  Basil 

    * Basil and its Antinflammatory / antipyretic usage (Diuretic properties) - 

    Tulsi is a decent pain releaving / analgesic and mild diuretic which is  used in swelling, pain, fever,

    renal stone,  kidney diseases,  heart diseases etc. It  allows to lessen the uric acid level in the body,

    which is another trigger to developing kidney stone.

     * Basil may Reduces blood sugar level - anti-diabetic properties  - 

    Basil can regulates blood sugar in patient with type 2 diabetes mellitus. According to researches,

    Basil may be  helpful in increasing  secretion of insulin  in diabetes mellitus type 2.

    *Basil can be used in Insect Bites - 

    It is employed as an antidote for insect bites. Fresh juice of basil should be applied over affected region to get benefit.  And paste of fresh basil roots is also an effective remedy in case, there is bites of insects.

     *Basil is a true Antiseptic / anti-microbial agent -   

    Basil is an outstanding phenomenal antimicrobial agent that can fights against almost all sorts of micro-organisms.

    *Aphrodisiac properties of Tulsi - 

    Act as a natural aphrodisiac . The fragrance of basil is effectively boost libido and sexual arousal, possibly by way of increasing blood flow in our body.

    *Basil is an Anti-cancer remedy- 

    It  really helps to  fight Cancerous diseases. Some researches show that basil extracts can have radioprotective properties (flavonoids, orientin and vicenin are radioprotective ingredients of Tulsi), which can help kill tumor cells in the body.

     * Basil & its Antioxidant property- 

    Tulsi has different powerful anti-oxidant components perceived as Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Eugenol, Phytonutrients and the essential oils and protects your body from mostly all the harms caused by the free radicals and keep away from getting older.

    *Basil is an Antispasmodic and Hepatoprotective medicine - 

    Holy Basil is acts as an appetizer and if taken orally may be helpful in overcoming digestive upsets like flatulence, gas formation, bloating, belching, pain abdomen etc. and its own carminative properties prevent gastric ulcers. Moreover, It is also a very good liver tonic.

    *Eye Care with Basil - 

    Conjunctivitis, boils and other different problems of eyes by washing your eyes with water where few leaves of Tulsi are soaked. A regular usage can protect eyes from every one of the harms done by the free radicals, such as cataract, night blindness, low eye vision, glaucoma, opthalmia etc.

    *Basil treats Hair loss  -    

    Holy basil prevents hair thinning by strengthening the hair roots. In addition, it treats dandruff, head lice and prevents premature graying of hair.

    *Cosmetics and skin disorders -

    Basil juices enhances facial glow,  prevents pimples, regulates skin tone, treats Vitiligo and Eczema / ringworm and removes skin Infections, consequently utilized in local applications and herbal skin ointments.

    * Oral cavity diseases and Basil - 

    Tulsi leaves can be an oral disinfectant and excellent mouth freshener as its freshness keeps going long inside the mouth. Additionally, It is used as mouth wash for reducing tooth ache. Chewing a couple of leaves twice daily can cure contaminations, infections, mouth ulcer, pyorrhea, and other oral health problems.

    * Basil can be used in Heart diseases - 

    Tulsi reduces total blood cholesterol levels and blood pressure as well. Holy Basil contains vitamin C and other antioxidants such as eugenol, which protect the heart from the harmful effects of free radicals.

    * Basil takes cure of Ear Infections - 

    Basil is a critical herbal plant and used to take care of minor ear-ache and ear infections. Fresh juice of basil should be instilled in ears to get relief from earache.

    *Anti-stress solution and headache treatment with Basil - 

    Basil is an excellent cure for headache and mental stress. For this purpose, make a paste of basil leaves blended with sandalwood and apply it on to your forehead to alleviate headache and mental stress as it provide a cool and calm mindset.

    *Anti-asthmatic / respiratory problems - 

    Basil is a magnificent expectorant. Basil tea can assist to clear mucus and phlegm  from the lungs and utilized as a part of  treatment of catarrh, bronchitis, asthma, cough, colds and flue.

    *Basil is a best Blood purifier / detoxifier - 

    Tulsi is a well detoxifier of the blood, and proficient to flushes out toxins from the body.

    *Anti-fertility / Male and Gynecological disorders - 

    It has a property of regulating menstrual flow in the case of menstrual abnormality. Fresh leaves of basil should be used to get its influence on male reproductive function for increasing sperm count and reproductive hormones.

    *Other usage of basil - 

    Basil extract is also used to produce perfumes, household cleaners, mosquito repellant, tooth paste, mouth wash etc.

    References - 





    Artticle by -  Rajesh  kumar



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