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    Health Benefits of Taking Turmeric & Side-Effects


    What's Turmeric?

    Hindi Name - Halad, Haldi, Gandhaplashika, Gauri, Gharshani, Hemaragini, Hridayavilasini, Jayanti,  Kanchani, Krimighni etc.
    Sanskrit Name - Haridra.
    English Name - Turmeric, Indian saffron, Golden spice etc.
    Scientific name - Curcuma longa, Curcurma domestica Valeton.
    Turmeric (Haldi) is a rhizomatous, flowering, perennial and herbaceous plant, having a place with the ginger own family Zingiberaceae, known by the scientific name Curcuma longa and found in food items such as curries, smoothies, and stir fried dishes as a spice. It's been used for centuries in Indian Ayurvedic medicine, including  Siddha medicine, Unani medicine etc. to treat different ailments like digestive issues, heartburn, loose stools, stomach gas, colds, joint pain, menstrual problems, worms infestations, gallstones, depression, cuts, wounds, burns, scalds, bruises and many others. Turmeric in raw form is thought to be the most effective medicine to deal with a number of diseases.
    Turmeric is a wonder herb which is indigenous to Indian subcontinent and tropical South-east Asia and discovered in a form of 100+ species around the globe. It's a tall plant that develops upto 3 feets lengthy and requires temperature ranges between 20 and 25 °C. Its leaves are interchange and organized in two columns. Curcumin can be an essential element in it that has a yellowish golden colour with its peppery, pungent (just a little bitter) flavour, and earthy aromatic fragrance. On account of its splendid yellowish color, it can be employed as food dye. Turmeric is the root stalk (plant parts used as its rhizomes), which is used to get ready as Capsule, oils, tea, cosmetics, ointment, cream, powder, poultice and extracts commercially. Raw turmeric is thought to be the best and most effective.
    Apart from this, it has a religious incentive in Indian culture and has been used in different festivals, celebrations or religious ceremonies including Haldi ceremony in span of Hindu wedding function for quite a while. Turmeric paste or natural powder is applied on forehead as a tilak or kum-kum and its powder mixed in Ganga-jal or normal water is a sacred and pourable liquid on the God or Goddess.

    Why is turmeric useful for your health? What exactly are the health benefits of using turmeric?

    Skin Care - Turmeric benefits for skin

    Turmeric is an all natural antiseptic and strong anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal agent that used as a part of external application to prevent infections in the conditions of wounds, ulcers, psoriasis, scalds, burns, warts, scabies etc. Apart from this, its basic element curcumin is packed with anti-oxidants that fights against wrinkles, skin break out, pimples, acne etc. and makes your skin glowing. Additionally, it is proficient to lessen the oil emission from the  sebaceous glands of the skin.

    Turmeric is an Anti-inflammatory Compound

    Curcumin is an integral part of turmeric that has Anti-Inflammatory property that defends bones and treats different musculo-skeletal issues including  Arthritis, Osteo-arthritis, Gout, Muscle pain, Inflammatory pain of joints, Injury, Trauma etc. It is also a popular home remedy to get rid of piles swelling.

    Turmeric and Menstrual troubles in Woman

    Turmeric is a notable home remedy to treat dysmenorrhoea (menstrual cramps), abnormal menstrual bleeding and other symptoms concerned to monthly cycle.

    Turmeric Treats Gastro-intestinal diseases

    Exactly What does turmeric do for Digestive health?

    Turmeric is an efficient digestive aid and many clinical evaluations have suggested that turmeric is an all natural carminative which assists with relieving abdominal bloating, reduce gas formation, improves digestion, helps prevent the formation of gastric ulcers, soothes inflammation, encouraging excretion of bile for better fat digestion. It is also an effective remedy to take care of abdominal cramp, constipation, GERD, IBD (Inflammatory Bowel Disease) and IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) as well.

    Turmeric is a superb Hepato-protective agent

    From the using of turmeric may be beneficial for its impact on the liver. It can be used in the conditions of drug induced hepatitis, liver-cirrhosis, and jaundice, hepatic fibrosis etc. It can protects liver from toxic effects of drugs, alcohol, metal etc. and detoxifies the system.

    Turmeric deals with Depression

    Curcumin has also been praised because of its tranquilizing property that basically offers a calming effect in a natural way on patients experiencing anxiety, mental stress, depression, emotional episodes and mood swings.

    Turmeric, a cancer cells killer

    Numerous medical studies have demonstrated that turmeric is a potential cancer cells killer that conflicts against the development of skin cancer, breast cancer, oral cancer, colon cancer, stomach cancer etc. by preventing and stopping carcinogenesis, angiogenesis, proliferating, metastasis, and terminating the tumor development that triggers cancerous cell death.

    Prevents earlier cases of Diabetes mellitus type 2

    Curcumin work as an antidiabetic agent by promoting pancreas function and stimulating insulin secretion that prevent only earlier diabetes mellitus type 2 cases and may help bring down the risk of diabetes type 2 and other diabetes related issues as well.

    Turmeric enhances Heart Health

    Turmeric is also an useful herb to prevent the blockage of arteries and reduces LDL - bad cholesterol in the blood that can help avoid atherosclerosis.

    Weight Reduction with Turmeric

    Turmeric assists speed up the metabolism that may burn extra fat of the body.

    Turmeric is an anti-asthmatic agent

    Turmeric is a miraculous anti-asthmatic ayurvedic medicine. It can be utilized in the conditions of bronchial asthma, COPD that lessen the obstruction of airways and facilitates breathing. Other than this, it relieves cough and cold in flu condition.

    Health blessings of Turmeric in Gingivitis and Oral Plaque

    Make a home made mouth-wash with turmeric powder and warm water as it is exceptionally compelling solution to get rid of oral plaque, gum bleeding, periodontitis and gingivitis as well. It works comparativelly very well than chlorhexidine.

     Turmeric for Glaucoma and Cataract

    Anti-oxidant and neuroprotective properties of curcumin can be an advantagious solution for glaucoma and cataract and should be used under supervision of a qualified Ayurvedic physician.

    Turmeric can be an Immune booster

    Turmeric is an all natural immune booster and a few medical reviews have shown that turmeric's dynamic ingredient Curcumin fights against viral diseases such as AIDS, Common cold, Influenza, Hepatitis etc.

    Cognitive capacities of Turmeric

    Curcumin can improve brain neurotransmitters and stop beta-amyloid plaques development that reduce chances of Alzheimer's disease and dementia. Apart from this, curcumin may boost brain hormone levels that progress new neuro cells and increase congnitive abilities.

    Exactly What  are the side effects of Turmeric?

    Turmeric or its active ingredietnt Curcumin is incredibly safe although minor reactions are accounted for and that might be next -

    Digestive disorders like abdominal gas, loose stools, bloating, nausea, vomiting, and headache may arises if dosage surpassing 1 gm.

    Usually do not use large dosage of turmeric in case you are taking blood thinner (anticoagulant drugs) like Aspirin, warfarin etc.

    Make a proper distance from turmeric prior to surgical operation.

    In some cases (exceptionally rare), skin rash hasbeen accounted.

    Try not to use in pregnancy and during breast-feeding. Culinary use is safe. In this way, should be consume in moderation to avoid unwanted negative effects in the conditions of pregnancy and lactating period.

    Admitting of turmeric in empty stomach may be harmful.

    In the event that you have problems with bile duct obstruction, stop turmeric supplements.

    Note - Always remember and keep in mind that large dose of turmeric may produce unwanted adverse effects and
    contact to a medical service provider before using it.




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