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    Neem Azadirachta Indica - Amazing Health Benefits, Uses & Side Effects


    Neem (Azadirachta Indica) is a fast-growing and evergreen tree within the mahogany family, that's usually referred to as Nim, Neem, in Hindi term, Nimba, Pichumanda, Subhadra, Sutikta in Sanskrit, Nimtree, Indian lilac, Margosa tree, Bitterwood, Chinaberry, Paradise tree, Crackjack in English. It's indigenous to the Indian subcontinent and developed in tropical and semi-tropical regions. In India, Neem is regarded as “the Village Dispensary”, “the villlage pharmacy”,  "Friend  of the Indian Villager",  “the Queen of Skin,”  "arishtha (reliever of disease)"  "sarva roga nivarini" etc. and hasbeen employed as a part of Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years. 
    Neem is an extremely well known customary cure and all parts like  roots, root bark, stem bark, flower, fruit, gum, leaves, seeds, kernels etc. are incredibly useful for dealing with different kinds of health issues. For quite a long time, the Neem leaves has been known because of its both pungent and astringent tastes.
    Neem is a house of 125+ chemicals, vitamins and nutrients like proteins, fat, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, calcium, phosphorus, 6-desacetylnimbinene, Palmitic acid, sitosterol glucocide1, Palmitoleic acid, Octadecanoic acid , Omega-3 fatty acid, Omega-6 fatty acid, Omega-9 fatty acid, azadirone, Stigmasterol, p-sitosterol, triterpenes, Beta-sitosterol, Campesterol, Nimbin, Nimbandiol, Nimbinol, Nimbolide, Nimbicidine, Nimbiol, Nimbidin, Tannins, Flavonoids, Nimbinene, Azadirachtin, Salannin, Gedunin, quercetin, 17-epiazadiradione, nonacosane, niacin, carotene, iron, thiamine, n-hexacosanol that corporates a great therapeutic value and has an awesome restorative esteem.
    Neem is a robust ayurvedic herb and utilized as a part of various kind of health conditions. It can be used as Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Antipruritics, Antiviral, Anthelmintic, Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory, Antihistamine, Antihyperglycemic, Antioxidant, Abortifacient, Analgesic, Anti-malarial, De-toxificant, Diuretic, Insect repellent, Contraceptive, Demulcent, Emmenagogue, Spermicidal, Insecticide, and Bio-pesticide.

    Side Effects of Neem

    Infertility / Decreased Fertility and Miscarriage.

    Hypoglycemia/Low Blood Sugar level and / or Low blood pressure.

    Loose motions / stools / diarrhoea.

    Giddiness, Nausea and / or vomiting.

    Abdominal disorders - Acidosis, heart-burning, indigestion, stomach irritation, liver damage. etc.

    Kidney damage and Fatigue / Tiredness.

    Encephalopathy - Seizures in kids, deadness, extreme lethargies, numbness, sometimes coma.

    Bone loss, general weakness or debility.

    Therapeutic Indications and Health Advantages of Neem -

    Neem in skin conditions

    Neem is advanced with high level of antioxidants like fatty acid, vitamin E that helps rejuvenate skin cells, guard against increasing age, and reduce skin wrinkles. It really is a strong medication, used as an external or topical application (Neem oil or leaf paste) in different kinds of skin diseases like dermatitis, itching, irritation, pruritus, eczema, leprosy, Psoriasis, skin ulcers, Pimples or Acne, rash, scars, wounds, erysipelas, fungal or candidal infections etc. and clears the tone, appearance, complexion etc. It's a notable home remedy for dealing with pediculosis (Head lice), and Hair dandruff. It stimulates hair regrowth, advances hair development and strengthens hair folicles. Additionally, it is used in chickenpox, measles, scrofulosis and urticaria.

    Tooth problems and Oral Care -

    Neem leaf has antibacterial properties which is a helpful ayurvedic remedy in the conditions of Pyorrhoea, Gingivitis,  gum diseases, plaque development inside the mouth and can be utilized as a mouth-wash. In India, Neem twig hasbeen used as a tooth cleaning brush for a long stretch.

    Neem eliminates parasites -

    It is thoroughly used in children to induce eliminate intestinal parasites or worms.

    Gastro-intestinal disorders - 

    Neem can be employed or utilized in abdominal disorders. Neem is a mild antacid and antidiarrhoeal agent and will be helpful in loose motions, loss of appetite, stomach upset, intestinal ulcers, Piles (haemorrhoid) etc.

    Birth control (family planning) -

    Neem extract has spermicidal properties and can be used as an ayurvedic contraceptive to reduces sperm count in male beings.

    Blood cleanser -

    Neem is an efficient and successful prescription to cleanse blood. It really is a favorite and notable blood purifier. Apart from this, it additionally cleanses and strengthens the liver.

    Antipyretic, Anti-inflammatory and antimalarial properties -  

    Neem leaves are being used to lessen the body temperature due to malarial fever. Additionally, it is an effective home remedy to get relief from joint-pain, and body-ache scheduled to fever.

    In women disease -

    It's far an advantageous solution to reduces swelling or infections in the uterus and treat menorrhagia /abnormal menstrual bleeding.

    Antiseptic, Antimicrobial, Antifungal, Antibacterial, Antipruritics, Antiviral properties  -
    Neem can be employed in different kinds of infections and infestations like  sinus infection,  urinary tract infections, pulmonary congestion, conjunctivitis, gum infection, skin infection, hair infections, leprotic infection, helminthic infestations etc.

    Furthermore, Neem has been utilized as a part of the Ayurvedic tradition to cure a wide range of diseases for thousands of years. Oral consumption of Neem is additionally valuable for piles, diabetes, hormonal imbalance, eye disorders, epistaxis, liver problems, coronary / cardiovascular disease, skin problems, reduces bile and blood cholesterol, controlling mucous, enhances the internal defence system and improves the natural immunity.

    Neem is an extra-ordinary and superb  insecticide, pesticide, mosquito repellent and skin conditioner as well.

    Article  by  RAJESH KUMAR


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